Q-A1200 – Ultrasonic non-woven fabric cross-cutting machine

Ultrasonic non-woven fabric cross-cutting machine

Product Introduction:

This machine is professionally suitable for cutting non-woven fabrics, films and paper materials. It is widely used in bag making, printing and packaging industries, etc.
Performance and characteristics:
1. This machine adopts stepping motor to control fixed-length cutting. Equipped with photoelectric tracking correction system.
2. The unwinding system adopts automatic photoelectric correction device. This machine is equipped with edge folding, ultrasonic ironing table, slicing function, collecting light and electricity as the body, simple operation, high cutting precision, mechanical stability, low noise and other advantages. It is an ideal equipment for cutting and processing non-woven fabrics.
3. Motor frequency conversion speed regulation. Automatically count, alarm and stop. Functions such as tension control.
4. Cutting with heavy-duty fine cutters, the products are neat and without edges and corners.

Technical Parameters:

Production speedProduction Speed20-140pcs/min20-140pcs/min20-140pcs/min
Cutting widthCutting width300-560mm300-1160mm500-1560mm
Cutting lengthCutting Length50-1000mm50-1200mm50-1600mm
thicknessMaterial Basis Weight30-100g30-100g30-100g
VoltagePower Supply380V/220V380V/220V380V/220V
Total powerTotal Power5KW6KW7KW
Dimensions (length * width * height)Overall Dimension4300*1300*1500mm4300*1900*1500mm4300*2300*1500mm

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