One-time forming three-dimensional bag making machine


This machine is suitable for non-woven fabrics, film-coated non-woven fabrics, specializing in the production of three-dimensional bags with one-time molding and film coating (without turning). The equipment is stable in production, and the heat-sealing part of the bag is firm, beautiful and generous, and can be reused. It is mainly used for It produces non-woven tobacco and wine packaging bags, non-woven beverage packaging bags, gift bags, hotel advertising bags and other non-woven bags. This machine integrates electromechanical and electrical operations and uses LCD touch screen operation. Equipped with step-by-step fixed length, photoelectric tracking, computer automatic positioning, computer automatic edge correction, accurate, stable, automatic counting, counting alarms can be set, automatic handles, automatic bag stacking and other industrial control devices.

Technical Parameters:

Unwinding size550-1160mm
Production speed45-60pcs/min
Bag making height200-450mm
Bag making width240-500mm
Side of bag making80-200mm
Handle length370-600mm
Bag weight range70-120G/m²
Total power40KW
Air pressure1.0Mpa
power supply380V/50Hz
Dimensions (length*width*height)9500*2300*2500mm

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