C1200 – Hot handle integrated non-woven fabric cross-cutting machine

Hot handle integrated non-woven fabric cross-cutting machine

Product Introduction:

The fastest ironing speed can reach 70 pieces per minute. It is specially used for cutting non-woven fabrics. The handle is automatically welded while cutting pieces. It is mainly used for non-woven handmade sewing bags, wine bags, gift bags, etc., greatly reducing It improves labor intensity, improves work efficiency, and saves costs. It is the recommended equipment for cutting pieces.
1. This machine adopts computer control system, stepping motor control cutting, photoelectric tracking, automatic correction, no material alarm, host frequency conversion, tension control, ultrasonic welding, etc.
2. After the machine passes the edge folding, the two hand bars are welded and cut out by the two ironing machines on the left and right.
3. The cutting knife part is cut with high-quality props, which is wear-resistant and durable, and the product is cut neatly and smoothly.
4. The whole machine is simple to operate, intuitive and easy to operate, one person can complete all procedures, less labor, and labor saving.
5. The installation and debugging of the equipment is convenient and fast.
6. The cutting speed of this machine is about 30-70 per minute.

Technical Parameters:

Production speedProduction Speed20-120pcs
Bag making widthBag Width500-1100mm
Bag making heightBag Hength280-800mm
Thickness of ironing barHandle Material Thickness60-100g/m ²
Handle lengthHandle Loop Length380-600mm
Bag making rangeBag Material Basis Weight35-120g/m ²
power supplyPower Supply380v/220v
Total powerTotal Power13kw
Dimensions (length * width * height)Overall Dimension6500*2300*1800mm

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