Non-woven Fruit Bag Making Machine (Customized)

Product Introduction:

This machine is suitable for raw material non-woven fabrics, and can process a variety of different specifications and different shapes of non-woven bags, flat bags, t-shirt bags, drawstring bags, etc. The machine integrates electromechanical and electrical operations, using LCD touch screen operation, with step-by-step progress Type fixed length, photoelectric tracking, computer automatic positioning, computer automatic edge correction, accurate, stable, automatic counting, you can set the counting alarm, automatic punching, automatic hot handle and other industrial control devices, so that the finished product is sealed tightly. The tangent is beautiful. High speed is an excellent environmentally friendly bag-making equipment that you can use with confidence.
Process flow:
roll material-folding edge-threading heat sealing, folding and inserting edge-positioning-punching-one heat sealing-one cutting-collecting finished product.

Technical Parameter:

ModelNonwoven Bag Making Manchine TypeB700B800
Production speedProduction Speed200-120pcs200-120pcs
Bag making widthBag Width100-1000mm100-1000mm
Bag making heightBag Length200-600mm100-700mm
Bag thickness (gram weight)Bag-Making Thickness20-120g/m ²20-120g/m ²
power supplyPower Supply380v/220v380v/220v
Total powerTotal Power12kw15kw
Dimensions (length*width*height)Overall Dimension (L*W*H)7600*1900*2500mm7800*2100*2600mm
Dimensions (length*width*height)Overall Dimension (L*W*H)1500Kg2000Kg

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