H700 – Automatic non-woven zipper bag making machine (automatic upper slider)

Automatic non-woven zipper bag making machine (automatic upper slider)

Product Introduction:

1. The machine adopts advanced computer control system, Weilun LCD display, the whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, adopts high-band ultrasonic heat sealing principle welding, ultrasonic hemming welding, ultrasonic rolling bottom welding and other engineering devices, photoelectric tracking and automatic edge correction , Double material magnetic powder brake, automatic shutdown without material, automatic counting alarm.
2. This machine is equipped with an automatic zipper head device, which is different from traditional manual production. The production of zipper bags and the work of pulling the head can be completed on the machine at one time. Realize the automation of zipper bag production.

Technical Parameters:

modelNonwoven Bag Making Manchine TypeZXL-H700ZXL-H800
Production speedProduction Speed20-80pcs20-80pcs
Bag making widthBag Width50-1000mm50-1000mm
Bag making heightBag Length30-700mm30-800mm
Bag thickness (gram weight)Bag-Making Thickness30-100mm30-100mm
Upper slider speedThe speed of slide mountihg40-80pcs/min40-80pcs/min
power supplyPower Supply220v/380v220v/380v
Total powerTotal Power7.6kw15kw
Dimensions (length * width * height)Overall Dimension (L*W*H)8500*1270*1800mm8500*1300*1800mm

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